1. General positions

Service level at the President Hotel corresponds to the category «****» (four stars) which was assigned by the certificate of conformity. The working mode of complex is around the clock. The complex has a single check-out time - 12 hours of current day local time. The room is completed according to standards.

2. The order of payment, booking and accommodation

Payment for accommodation will be charged in accordance with a checkout time - 12 hours of current day local time. In the case of staying less than during a day, payment will be charged for the full day. The check in time at President Hotel is 14:00 of current day local time. Late check-out and early check-in is possible for an additional fee if rooms are available upon advance request. Check-in before 6 a.m. of the day of arrival should be fully paid; from 6 a.m. of the day of arrival the payment is 50% of the room rate. Late check-out - from 12:00 to 18:00 p.m. is 50% of the room rate, from 18:00 a.m. - the cost of the day.

3. The procedure of accommodation registration

The basis for accommodation is a passport, driving license, birth certificate (for persons under age 16), identity card for military personnel, and passport with valid visas for foreign citizens. Accommodation registration is carried out by administrator at reception office. Children under 12 are accommodated in the hotel free of charge only with the assistance of parents or adolescent relatives of the first line, without providing a separate bed. If an extra bed is provided, payment is made in accordance to applicable rates. Children under 3 years old receive a baby cot and breakfast free of charge.

4. Accommodation rules at President Hotel

In order to ensure safety of guestd staying at the President Hotel, it is prohibited: to leave unauthorized persons in a room in their absence; to keep the weapons without proper documents; to throw garbage and bottles from the windows of the hotel; to keep animals or birds in the room (exception are cats or dogs with the weight up to 3 kg, after the prior mandatory approval with the administration oh the hotel); to rearrange and to take away the furniture or bedding items; smoking in the hotel, except for specially designated places. In case of detection by the hotel of the fact of smoking, the guest must pay fees for the damage (additional cleaning complex) and can be prosecuted according to the current legislation of Ukraine. It is forbidden to check the car engine from 11:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. and to use sound signals. In case of non-compliance with the abovementioned Rules by guests, the administration of the hotel has the right to evict them ahead of time.

5. Rights and obligations of hotel guests

ГGuests should follow the established order of staying, fire regulations rules, close cocks, windows, turn off lights, TV and close room before leaving it. If the guest finds out loss of personal belongings, he/she must immediately notify the hotel administration (tel. - 9) in order to take measures to find missing items. In case of loss or damage of hotel property, the guest should compensate damage caused to the hotel under the current price list in accordance with the current legislation. The hotel clients shall pay for additional services at reception desk under the current hotel rates. Before the checking out the guests shall make full payment for services rendered.

6. Duties and responsibilities of the hotel

АHotel Administration provides high quality of services and proper sanitary state of all premises and territory. For extra charge the hotel offers to clients, under their request, additional services according to the approved list of services. Hotel Administration is not responsible for the safety of money, valuables and jewelry left in the room. In case of forgotten things, the hotel shall take measures to return them to the owner.


When staying at hotel

Entering the room, find out more about the route leading to the nearest emergency exit. It is pointed on the plan, which is located in your room at the front door. Find the placement of fireextinguishing means (fire hydrants, fire extinguishers), push-button fire alarm and the location of your room on the floor.

To prevent a fire in the room

We ask you to abstain from smoking abed. A specially designated place for smoking is a playground in front of the central entrance to the hotel. Do not use personal electric heating appliances (onehotplate electric stove, iron, electric water heaters, etc.), carefully use matches, do not empty the ashtrays into the refuse bins. When leaving the room, make sure that all appliances are turned of

In case of fire

Immediately inform the fire brigade by telephone: 30-01, 01-01 or hotel reception desk by the phone: 9. If you’re in the corridor or in the hall, push the nearest button of fire alarm. Then act according to the plan, located on the door of your room. Close all doors around the fire to prevent its spread. If you hear the longlasting alarm signal, followed by the information about necessity of evacuation, leave the hotel building as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that before leaving the room make sure that the door handle is cold. Quickly close the door behind yourself and move to the nearest exit. Do not use elevators! Elevators are out of action when fire alarm sounds.

If the fire is in your room

Immediately inform the Fire Brigade by telephone: 30-01, 01-01 or hotel reception by phone: 9. Take measures for fire extinguishing by available means. Bear in mind that it is dangerous to extinguish powered electric appliances with water. If it is impossible to extinguish ignition source by own forces, leave the room and close the door without its locking. It is obligatory to inform the Fire Brigade by telephone: 30-01, 01-01 or the hotel reception by phone: 9. Leave the area and act as directed by the administration or fire brigade.

If the fire is outside your room

Immediately inform the fire brigade by telephone: 30-01, 01-01 or hotel reception desk by the phone: 9. Close the windows in your room and leave it; leave the building. If the corridors and stairs platforms are smokefilled and it is impossible to leave the premises, stay in your room and open all windows. Tightly closed doors will protect you from dangerous temperatures for a long time. In order to avoid smoke inhalation, close the gaps and the vents with a damp towel or bed-linen. Inform the fire brigade by telephone: 30-01, 01-01 or hotel reception desk by the phone: 9 about your location. On arrival to the place of fire, come to the window and give a sign for assistance.